How to convert your PDF guidelines to online brand book?

In the digital age, keeping your brand guidelines locked in a static PDF is a missed opportunity; learn how to harness the power of the web by converting your PDF guidelines into a dynamic online brand book.

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PDF Brand Guidelines are a Relic of the Past

    Today businesses need agile tools that keep up with the rapid pace of change. One crucial element that often remains static and outdated, however, is a company's brand guidelines. These essential documents are often trapped in static PDF files that quickly become obsolete, and are difficult to distribute and update.

    Transform PDFs to Online Brand Guidelines

    But how to transform static PDFs into dynamic online digital brand guidelines?

    The solution you’re looking for is Corebook, a leading platform in the market for brand guidelines. Corebook transforms the traditionally static PDF brand books into a user-friendly experience, effortlessly converting them into dynamic, interactive online brand guidelines that are accessible and convenient for all users.

    By making this shift, businesses unlock a host of benefits, including easy updates, enhanced accessibility, and improved brand consistency.

    Benefits of Digital Brand Guidelines

    Easy updates: With digital brand guidelines, gone are the days of manually distributing updated PDFs to every team member and stakeholder. Now, updates can be made in real-time, ensuring everyone always has access to the latest guidelines.

    Enhanced accessibility: Digital brand guidelines can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether you're working remotely or meeting with clients, the most up-to-date brand assets and guidelines are just a click away.

    Improved brand consistency: With easier access to the latest guidelines, teams are more likely to use them. This results in more consistent branding across all channels, enhancing brand recognition and trust.

    Interactive content: Unlike static PDFs, digital brand guidelines can include interactive elements, such as videos, animations, and clickable links. This makes the guidelines more engaging and easier to understand.

    Centralized assets:
    With online brand guidelines, all brand assets – from logos to color palettes – can be stored in one centralized location. This ensures that everyone uses the correct assets, further improving brand consistency.

    Customized access: Digital brand guidelines can be customized to provide different levels of access to different users. For example, you can restrict certain sections to internal teams only while allowing external partners to access other parts of the guidelines.

    Whats next?

    Visit to discover how to seamlessly turn static PDF brand books into dynamic digital brand guidelines. This is an investment in your brand's future. It not only streamlines the process of maintaining and updating your brand guidelines but also ensures better brand consistency and recognition.

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