Events are a great source of knowledge and creativity boosters.

They provide an excellent networking opportunity, gaining professional experience and are an entertaining way to brush up on new discoveries and topics. Although we have no relation with the events’ organisers below, we have selected for you some exciting conferences, seminars and webinars, because some of them could help you develop your idea, learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and build the right strategy for your brand.

Virtual Event For Strategies & Solutions

The event provides a virtual experience that features an exciting mix of live-streamed education, creative community connection opportunities, fun social sessions, and a range of solutions that will fuel your creativity. During the conference, we will have a chance to see and “test-drive” new tools, technologies and solutions that can take your design, marketing and community building work to the next level.

Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth

Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth aims to encourage the art and design community to express their opinions on the role of design as a humanising practice in the context of multidirectional development complicated by the current world situation. A 3-day online programme will cover the leading conference’s headings: Future Human, Creative Industry, Inter-action.

Europe’s Martech Event

The event brings together visionaries from a range of disciplines to explore creativity, design process and the future of design and design thinking. Leaders from around the world will discuss the latest insights and work that are shaping the industry. They will exchange ideas, educate and inspire, set professional standards and build a robust and supportive community dedicated to positive practises and examples, the well-being of communities and sustainable technology advancements.

Our mission

The Mission of “Core Book” Foundation is to support innovations, sustainable growth and to inspire, unite and educate private, public and non-profit organizations and leaders around the globe to think and use their brands as community-building tools. We create value-oriented strategies, programs and resources with the goal to help them reach their full potential and find the perfect equilibrium of looks, intelligence and society utility. Humanity is going towards a fully immersive digital era and one of the keys for well-being and prosperity is a digital transformation without time and workflow waste.

Our Volunteers are people that love and support our mission, actively work to make a difference, and with their dedication have become the embodiment of everything Foundation represents