Innovation Exploration

We navigate into the brand ecosystems, looking for those innovative conceptual solutions and cutting-edge technologies that can lead to the success of your organisation or idea and subsequently economic development as a whole.

Working Groups and Public Appearances

Our team organizes and participates in public events and themed working groups, designed to coordinate discussion and communicate branding and sonic design philosophy that will point you towards new sustainable strategic approaches.

Digital Advancements Updates

We will keep you updated on relevant activities in the field of conceptual solutions, innovations and technological advances that can increase productivity and enable more sustainable patterns of growth.

Access to Knowledge

We serve the public by providing access to physical and online guidelines, value-oriented strategies, programs and resources that are required for the development and management of a strong long-lasting loyal community.

Online Brand Book Tool

We develop a digital solution that creates confidence in using brand guidelines properly. Such as an online brand book platform which facilitates private, public and nonprofit organizations and experts to create branding materials much faster without time and workflow waste.

Community Networking

Our community consists of innovators, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, non-profit leaders, volunteers and many more. Together we build ecosystems and infrastructure to raise awareness and promote a forward society beneficial way of thinking that supports the exchange of knowledge.

Our mission

The Mission of “Core Book” Foundation is to support innovations, sustainable growth and to inspire, unite and educate private, public and non-profit organizations and leaders around the globe to think and use their brands as community-building tools. We create value-oriented strategies, programs and resources with the goal to help them reach their full potential and find the perfect equilibrium of looks, intelligence and society utility. Humanity is going towards a fully immersive digital era and one of the keys for well-being and prosperity is a digital transformation without time and workflow waste.

Our Volunteers are people that love and support our mission, actively work to make a difference, and with their dedication have become the embodiment of everything Foundation represents